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Sylvester Stallone on ‘Rocky’: “I wrote what I knew.”

Sylvester Stallone on 'Rocky':

Sylvester Stallone recently made a notable appearance at the Toronto Film Festival, where the event wrapped up with the premiere of the Netflix documentary “Sly,” directed by Thom Zimny. This documentary covers Stallone’s entire career, and during an in-conversation event at the festival, Stallone shared some intriguing insights into his journey in the world of cinema.

Stallone revealed that his life took a significant turn at the age of 12 when he watched the 1958 film “Hercules,” starring Steve Reeves. He emphasized that growing up during the golden age of cinema, he was captivated not only by dialogue but also by the physical portrayals of individuals overcoming challenges, especially those rooted in ancient mythology.

Comic books were another early inspiration for Stallone, shaping his vision of action-hero scenarios. He highlighted that his influences leaned towards regular individuals who had to step up and come to the rescue rather than traditional superheroes.

Before his Hollywood stardom, Stallone worked as an usher in a movie theatre after college, which he considered his education in filmmaking. Watching films repeatedly helped him understand cinematic magic and sparked his desire to create something better. He began to write about what he knew, laying the foundation for iconic characters like Rocky Balboa, a determined underdog.

Stallone emphasized that Rocky marked the pinnacle of his career, despite initial rejection by Hollywood. He described it as his best writing and reflected on the importance of artists understanding their strengths and weaknesses.

With a Hollywood career spanning back to 1976 and over 50 films grossing around $3 billion at the box office, Stallone discussed his journey, expressing astonishment at his early TV appearances from the 1980s. He humbly admitted to his inflated ego back then.

“Sly,” the documentary about his career, premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, where Stallone shared insights into his approach to action heroes, stressing the virtue of silence and letting physical deeds speak for themselves. He also emphasized the importance of fully immersing oneself in a role.

Stallone expressed a preference for shooting on location over using green screens in today’s Hollywood blockbusters, finding it more challenging and authentic.

In addition to his film career, Stallone has ventured into television, featuring in the Paramount+ reality show “The Family Stallone,” which offers a glimpse into his home life and has been renewed for a second season.

The Toronto Film Festival wrapped up with Stallone’s presence, capping off a fascinating look into the life and career of this iconic Hollywood star. Read More: Widow Clicquot’ Review: Haley Bennett Sparkles More Personally Than Professionally in Champagne Biopic

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