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How to Watch Rush Hour in the United Kingdom on Netflix in 2023

Rush Hour is a thrilling movie filled with action and humour. It’s about two very different police officers, one from Hong Kong and one from Los Angeles, who have to work together to solve a kidnapping case. Starring a talented duo like Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, Rush Hour is a one-of-a-kind action-comedy.

Do you like action-comedy movies? Read this blog and learn how you can watch Rush Hour in the United Kingdom on Netflix.

How to watch Rush Hour on Netflix| Easy Guide

If you’re ready to watch Rush Hour but you’re not in a country where the movie is available on Netflix, using a reliable VPN service just like ExpressVPN can deliver you the streaming experience you are craving. 

Here’s a simple set of steps to watch Rush Hour in the United Kingdom on Netflix:

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Rush Hour – Netflix Countries

When it comes to watching Rush Hour in the United Kingdom on Netflix, geographical restrictions and limitations in content availability may cause confusion. 

To make sure you can watch Rush Hour on Netflix without any problem, we conducted some research and found the movie available in the following countries on Netflix:

  • Canada
  • India
  • Israel
  • Japan
  • Germany
  • Ukraine

Note: Rush Hour 2 and Rush Hour 3 are also available on Netflix in above mentioned countries.

Rush Hour – Released Date and Rating

Rush Hour made its cinematic debut on September 18, 1998, grossing over $244.4 million worldwide. Its IMDb rating stands at 7 out of 10. This movie won 6 awards, including the ALMA Award and MTV Movie Award being its most important wins. The movie also earned 9 nominations for a Kids’ Choice Award and a Grammy Award

Rush Hour – Official Trailer

Rush Hour – Plot and Synopsis

The 1998 action comedy Rush Hour stars Jackie Chan as Chief Inspector Lee, a detective from Hong Kong who comes to Los Angeles to help investigate a kidnapping case. He is forced to partner with Detective James Carter, played by Chris Tucker, a cocky, fast-talking LAPD officer. 

Though the two have clashing personalities and styles, they reluctantly join forces to rescue the kidnapped daughter of a Chinese diplomat.

Lee and Carter stumble through language and cultural barriers as they track down leads and interrogate various suspects. They uncover a counterfeiting ring run by a crime boss named Juntao, who they realize is behind the kidnapping. 

After plenty of humorous bickering, perilous stunts, and explosive fights, Lee and Carter close in on Juntao’s secret hideout and launch a daring rescue operation.

In the climax, Lee confronts Juntao while Carter frees the hostage, stopping the criminal’s plans. Though initially at odds, Lee and Carter gain mutual admiration and respect. Carter decides to stay in Los Angeles, embracing his new partnership with Lee. 

Rush Hour – Cast and Characters

The cast and characters of Rush Hour are mentioned below:

Jackie Chan as Inspector Lee 

Known for his incredible martial arts skills, Jackie Chan has graced numerous hits like Police Story and Drunken Master.

Chris Tucker as Detective Carter 

Chris Tucker is celebrated for his role as Smokey in Friday and as Ruby Rhod in The Fifth Element.

Tzi Ma as Consul Solon Han

Tzi Ma has left his mark in The Farewell and as General Shang in Mulan.

Tom Wilkinson as Thomas Griffin

 Recognized for his versatile acting, Tom Wilkinson starred in The Full Monty and Michael Clayton.

Ken Leung as Sang 

Ken Leung made an impression as Karnak in the TV series Inhumans and as Miles Straume in Lost.

Mark Rolston as Agent Warren Russ

Mark Rolston is remembered for his roles in Aliens and The Shawshank Redemption.

Can I watch Rush Hour in the United Kingdom on Netflix with a free VPN?

Free VPNs might seem good for watching Rush Hour on Netflix, but they may cause big problems. They’re usually slow and not stable, which means you might experience buffering and lagging issues while watching Rush Hour. 

They also don’t give you much data to use each month, and if you use too much, they slow you down even more along with frequent disconnections, which will disrupt your viewing experience even more. 

Netflix can easily tell if you’re using a free VPN and block it. This is because these unreliable free alternatives use blacklisted IPs. 

To watch Rush Hour in the United Kingdom on Netflix without problems, it’s better to use a premium VPN like ExpressVPN which will require you to pay a small amount but provide you with huge benefits.

Why is Express VPN the best to watch Rush Hour in the United Kingdom on Netflix?

ExpressVPN is a top VPN service, and it’s great for people all over the world who want to watch Rush Hour on Netflix. It has optimized servers in 94 countries, so you can connect from almost anywhere and forget worrying about geo-limitations. It also gives you super-fast speeds, like 84.42 Mbps on a 100 Mbps internet connection.

They provide excellent customer service through live chat and email available 24/7 at your disposal. The automatic internet kill switch is also an important feature of ExpressVPN, it stops your internet if the VPN connection suddenly breaks, ensuring your data stays safe and doesn’t leak.

Fast server switching enables you to change servers quickly, providing a smooth and non-stop VPN experience. They have a strict no-logs policy, meaning they do not retain any record of your online activities. 

You can also connect five devices to a single account at the same time, and access other geo-restricted platforms like Peacock TV, BBC iPlayer, and Hulu on almost all sorts of devices like Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux with the help of ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN guarantees full security with AES-256 encryption and offers an outstanding 15-month offer (12 months with 3 months free) costing just $6.67 USD per month, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. So what’s the delay? Try this amazing VPN service today!

How to Cancel Netflix Subscription on Smart TV in 2023

The combination of action, thriller and comedy movie Rush Hour is not available worldwide on Netflix, but you can access it with ExpressVPN. It has been successfully tested on Smart TV.

Here is the complete guide, to how you can cancel Netflix Subscription on Smart TV.

Rush Hour – FAQs

1- Is Rush Hour available on Netflix in the UK?

Due to regional restrictions, Rush Hour is unavailable on Netflix in the UK. But, if you have a trustworthy VPN such as ExpressVPN, you can watch it easily. ExpressVPN makes it seem like you are watching from the UK.

We tried ExpressVPN to watch Rush Hour in the UK on Netflix and it worked great without any interruption.

2- When is Rush Hour coming to Netflix in the UK?

Netflix has not yet announced when the movie Rush Hour will be available on the British Netflix library.

For those in the UK, there’s a solution. Using a trustworthy VPN like ExpressVPN, you can switch your viewing location to watch Rush Hour in the UK on Netflix. It allows you to change your IP address and Netflix region to access Rush Hour on Netflix.

By using ExpressVPN and selecting a Canadian server from the country list, you can watch Rush Hour which is currently available in Canada.

3- Is Rush Hour available on Disney+?

No, Rush Hour is not available on Disney+. However, if you are on Netflix, ExpressVPN can help. This VPN gives you an easy way to access to watch Rush Hour on Netflix in the UK.

Connecting to a Canadian server you can easily access Rush Hour on Netflix in the UK because this movie is available in Canada.

4- Can I watch Rush Hour on Prime Video?

Rush Hour can be streamed on Prime Video in the UK. However, if you have a Netflix Subscription you can find this movie easily by connecting to a Canadian server from the list of servers in ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN to mask your IP address, and watch Rush Hour on Netflix in the UK.

5- Who is the villain in Rush Hour?

In the series, Sang is the only villain to best Lee in close combat. During their fight, Sang manages to send Lee crashing through a window with a kick. The mark near Sang’s eye is a result of Soo-Yung striking him with her necklace during his initial kidnapping attempt.

6- Who is the Female Assassin in Rush Hour?

Jasmine, known as the Dragon Lady, is a hitwoman employed by Kenji, Chief Inspector Lee’s brother and the movie’s primary villain. Lee encounters Jasmine in a bar, and she lures him to her room with the intention of eliminating him.

Wrap up

Rush Hour is one of the best action comedies, where East meets West and tradition meets improvisation. With its mix of humour, action and character chemistry, Rush Hour captured the heart of the audience and spawned two popular sequels continuing the adventures of Lee and Carter.

This movie is not available everywhere on Netflix, and using a VPN service like ExpressVPN is essential to watch it. We had a great experience watching The Big Short on Netflix with ExpressVPN and can vouch for it confidently.

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