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How to watch Naruto Shippuden on Netflix in UK| Tested!

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Naruto Shippuden, a renowned Japanese anime series, has captivated audiences worldwide with its enthralling storyline spread across 21 seasons and 500 episodes. However, fans often encounter challenges when trying to access this series on Netflix due to geographical content restrictions.

This blog post offers an in-depth guide on seamlessly watching Naruto Shippuden on Netflix from any corner of the globe.

How to watch Naruto Shippuden on Netflix?

Naruto Shippuden is available on Netflix in limited countries. Here are the steps you need to follow to watch it from anywhere.

1- Get an ExpressVPN account (Receive an additional three months at no cost when you opt for a one-year subscription, along with a 30-day refund policy).

2- Install  ExpressVPN on your preferred devices, such as iOS, Android, Windows, or Mac.

3- Open the app and choose an Indian server from the list of accessible locations.

4- Open Netflix through your web browser or its dedicated app.

5- Search for Naruto Shippuden on Netflix from UK.

6- Relax and enjoy

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Why do you need a VPN to watch Naruto Shippuden on Netflix in 2023?

A VPN is a crucial tool for bypassing geographical restrictions imposed on content. It conceals your actual location, making it appear as though you are accessing Netflix from a region where Naruto Shippuden is available. This technology allows fans to enjoy their favorite anime series without any hindrance.

Best VPN Services to watch Naruto Sippuden on Netflix

  1. ExpressVPN: Renowned for its impressive speed and extensive server network in over 94 countries, ExpressVPN stands out as a premier choice for streaming Naruto Shippuden. It supports multiple devices and provides a 30-day money-back guarantee for users to try the service risk-free.
  2. NordVPN: With a presence in 60 countries through its vast server network, NordVPN is another trustworthy option for anime enthusiasts. It allows up to six simultaneous device connections and offers a 30-day refund policy.
  3. Surfshark: For viewers on a budget, Surfshark is an economical choice with servers in 65 countries. While it is more affordable than its counterparts, it might offer slower speeds. However, it allows unlimited device connections, making it a value-for-money option.

Is Naruto Shippuden on Netflix in 2023?

Netflix offers a diverse content library, but it varies significantly from one region to another due to strict licensing and distribution regulations. For instance, Naruto Shippuden is accessible on Netflix only in specific countries like Canada and France. These geographical limitations often disappoint anime enthusiasts residing in other parts of the world.

Can I watch Naruto Shippuden on Netflix with a free VPN?

Free VPNs might seem enticing, but they come with their own set of risks and limitations. They offer fewer server locations and often fail to bypass Netflix’s stringent IP blocks. Furthermore, free VPNs are infamous for compromising user privacy by selling data to third parties. Hence, investing in a reputable paid VPN service is advisable for secure and unrestricted viewing.

Naruto Shipuden release date?

Naruto: Shippuden is the sequel to the original Naruto anime series. It premiered in Japan on February 15, 2007, on the TV Tokyo network. The series ran for a total of 500 episodes, concluding on March 23, 2017. The English adaptation of the series was broadcast on Disney XD from October 28, 2009, and later on Adult Swim’s Toonami block.

Naruto Shipuden Netflix release date?

The Netflix release date of Naruto Shippuden is not confirmed. As per our anticipation the anime series released in 2015 on Netflix and is still available in limited countries.

Naruto Shipuden Netflix countires?

Are you wondering which countries has Naruto Shippuden on Netflix? We have conducted an extensive research and found the Japanese series available in India and Germany.

Here is the list of other countries that has it

  • France
  • Spain
  • Thailand
  • Japan
  • Others

How to watch Naruto Shipuden on Netflix in English?

Are you having a hard time find Naruto Shippuden in English or with English dub? Sadly only ten seaosns of it are available with English audio and the remaining can be watched with English subtitles.

The Canadian library has Naruto Shippuden with English dub.

Naruto Shippuden trailer

Why is Naruto Shippuden so popular?

In the Hidden Leaf Village, under a looming, ominous sky, Naruto Uzumaki sensed a disturbance. A mysterious figure, embodying chaos, appeared, casting a shadow of impending doom. With determination in his eyes, Naruto called upon his comrades, Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno, preparing for the unseen battle ahead.

The trio, bound by history and unspoken vows, faced the enemy. Naruto’s Rasengan, a sphere of potent energy, clashed with the figure, revealing a man with eyes as empty as voids. Sasuke’s Chidori, mirroring the storm’s fury, aimed at the enemy but missed as the foe moved with unpredictable fluidity.

Sakura, embodying physical and emotional strength, disrupted the enemy’s movements with a ground-shattering strike. The battle, intense and mirroring the storm above, saw the trio’s bonds strengthening, their combined efforts eventually overwhelming the mysterious adversary with a burst of unified energy.

As dawn broke, the storm subsided, leaving the village and its young defenders weary but triumphant. The sun cast its warm glow upon Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura, symbolizing hope and the promise of more adventures to come in the days ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- Can I watch Naruto Shippuden from any location? With a reliable VPN, you can access Naruto Shippuden on Netflix from any country.

2- How do I set up a VPN to watch Naruto Shippuden? Subscribe to a reputable VPN service, install the application on your device, connect to a server in a region where Naruto Shippuden is available, and start watching on Netflix.

3- How many seasons of Naruto Shippuden are available on Netflix? Netflix hosts all 21 seasons of Naruto Shippuden, but availability depends on your geographical location.

Wrap Up

Accessing and enjoying Naruto Shippuden on Netflix becomes easy with the right VPN service. By opting for a reliable and efficient VPN provider, you can unlock all 21 seasons of this beloved anime series from any location worldwide.

With the majority of premium VPN services offering a 30-day money-back guarantee, you have the option to explore and choose the one that best fits your streaming needs without any financial risk. So, gear up to dive into the mesmerizing world of Naruto Shippuden with unrestricted access and in the highest quality available.

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