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How to watch Married at First Sight New Zealand season 3 in Ireland on Channel 4 for free

Married at first sight New Zealand season 3

The third season of Married at First Sight New Zealand is coming soon. This unique relationship experiment pairs six singles who consent to wed when meeting for the first time. Matchmakers selectively unite the couples before their initial encounter at the altar.

The couples don’t know anything about each other before the wedding. The show follows the couples to see if the marriages will work out or if the pressure of marrying a stranger will be too much. Viewers in Ireland can watch the upcoming season for free on Channel 4.

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Married at First Sight – Release Date

The third season of Married at First Sight New Zealand premieres in the UK this Thursday, November 16th, at 10:25 pm on Channel 4. Don’t miss the first episode of this unique relationship experiment.

Where can I watch Married at First Sight New Zealand Season 3 in Ireland?

Channel 4 blocks viewing outside the UK to comply with content licensing rules. This geo-blocking uses your IP address to pinpoint your location. So if you try watching in Ireland, streaming will be denied.

A workaround is using a VPN, which masks your true IP address with one from the UK. Your connection is routed through a UK-based server first. This tricks Channel 4 into permitting access since it believes you’re in Britain. With your virtual British location, geo-restrictions vanish when watching programs like the new season of Married at First Sight New Zealand.

What is Married at First Sight New Zealand season 3 about?

This one-of-a-kind reality program puts a bold twist on traditional matchmaking. Relationship specialists thoughtfully pair up six singles who agree to legally wed their hand-picked partners upon meeting for the first time at the altar.

Following several weeks of married life together in Atlanta, Georgia, the couples must determine if their partnership formed on the show will continue beyond the experiment or come to an end. The third season recently showcased three of these instant marriages, none of which currently remain intact.

Married at First Sight New Zealand season 3 episode details

  • Episode 1 – As the anxious singles prepare for their stag and hen parties, anticipation builds for the first couple to be matched. But a forgotten wedding ring from the groom’s best man puts a damper on Anna’s big day.
  • Episode 2 – Adventurous Vicky and experienced Stefaan are an intriguing pair, though differences in their dating histories set them apart. Meanwhile, another couple, Ray and Jonathan, feel an instant mutual connection when they meet.
  • Episode 3 – Sparks immediately fly between Carmen and James when they first meet at the altar. But Christopher and Rose struggle to get on the same page in their nascent relationship.
  • Episode 4 – The honeymoon begins in Fiji, but paradise turns sour for some newlyweds as troubles brew beneath the surface.
  • Episode 5 – Tensions between Ray and Jonathan lead them to crash Carmen and James’ final date. All couples prepare to return home and start cohabitating.
  • Episode 6 – Just three days into living together, experts are called in to assist the most challenged pairs. Will their guidance prevent premature divorces?
  • Episode 7 – At the first dinner party, Anna worries about Vicky’s behavior with Jordan while Carmen digs for gossip. Meanwhile, Ray and Christopher’s friction comes to a head.
  • Episode 8 – The commitment ceremony allows raw emotions to surface. But will any couples choose to leave the experiment permanently?
  • Episode 9 – Strengthening bonds lead some couples on romantic dates. However, Jonathan receives shocking news, prompting time apart from Ray.
  • Episode 10 – Reeling from the previous night’s events, Jonathan weighs his choices. On a night out, tumultuous relationships cause tears.
  • Episode 11 – Cheating allegations rock the group before the second dinner party. How will the drama unfold?
  • Episode 12 – While some couples thrive, others verge on collapse. Who will leave at the upcoming commitment ceremony?
  • Episode 13 – Home visits begin as the experiment winds down. But Vicky worries about her father’s opinion, and Jonathan’s friends take a stand.
  • Episode 14 – Anna’s past becomes public knowledge. As the final commitment ceremony looms, one person may exit early.
  • Episode 15 – After four intimate weeks, the couples make their ultimate choices – a commitment or walking away.
  • Episode 16 – Emotional fireworks at the final dinner party. A former couple shares good news, but tensions flare between others.
  • Episode 17 – After the dramatic dinner, the participants meet with the experts one last time.

Married at First Sight – Official Trailer

Unfortunately, a trailer providing a sneak peek at the upcoming third season of Married at First Sight New Zealand has not yet been released.

Married at First Sight – Cast and Characters

Name Age Occupation Description
Carmen Stimpson 25 Not specified Single for three years, Carmen is described as weird, funny, and loving. She looks for a partner who is honest, loyal, fun, and open to exploration.
Victoria Fuller 27 Primary School Teacher South African-born Vicky is an adventurous spirit seeking someone with humor, honesty, and good family values. She envisions someone tall and broad, believing in love at first sight.
Aimee Collins 34 Sales Manager, Business Owner Originally from Hamilton and now in Auckland, Aimee is a risk-taker looking for a lasting marriage. Described as kind, fun, ambitious, and generous. Believes in lust at first sight but hopes for a long-term connection.
Rosemary Cruickshank 45 Eyelash Extension Stylist Self-employed Rose, a mother of three and reality TV fan, is described as gentle, softly spoken, kind, and genuine. After three unsuccessful marriages, she trusts the experts to find a lasting connection.
Anna Saxton 25 Singer/Songwriter Fearless Anna, splitting time between Cambridge and Los Angeles, is a performer with a bold and unique style. She values expressing herself through music and has a regret about staying in an unhappy relationship.
Christopher Wilson 55 Creative Director Silver fox Christopher, an adventurer from Nelson now in Auckland, was signed up by his children for MAFS New Zealand. Enjoys mountain biking, camping, paddle boarding, and running with his dog. Biggest fear is failing.
Jonathan Trenberth 31 Marketing & Communications Manager Tauranga-born Jonathan, now in Auckland, is known as Jono to friends. Described as a bit of a dork, friendly, and charming. Can juggle, walk on stilts, and eat fire. Looking for someone warm, funny, kind, confident, and smart.
Stefaan Nes 26 Pool Technician Stefaan, originally from Palmerston North and now in Auckland, is a self-described daredevil. His proudest achievement includes buying a $25,000 jet ski. Shares a humorous story about a date involving stripping and jumping into a freezing water hole.
James Hardy 29 Telecommunications Technician James, residing in Christchurch, worked for Queen Elizabeth II overseas. He doesn’t believe in love at first sight but hopes for a potential connection to develop. Enjoys cooking and would impress a significant other with their favorite meal or his signature Mexican dishes.
Raymond Wedlake 31 Not specified Christchurch man Ray, still unlucky in love at 31, seeks experts’ help to find his perfect match. Desires a partner who is not judgmental or rude and can handle serious conversations. His mates describe him as down-to-earth, fun, loyal, and generous.
Chris Mansfield 39 Brand Ambassador Described as a modern-day Peter Pan, Auckland-based Chris seeks someone to share his bustling life. Looking for a best friend who is confident, comfortable, independent, and always up for a laugh. Desires “a smile that lights up the room with eyes you get lost in.”
Jordan Dare 26 Not specified Down-to-earth Jordan from Foxton is ready to find love again. Enjoys racing cars and had an epic mullet until his 21st birthday.

Married at First Sight – Ratings


Married at First Sight has a rating of 6.2/10, based on 2,400 upvotes on IMDb.

Rotten Tomatoes:

Married at First Sight currently has no audience rating available on Rotten Tomatoes.

Married at First Sight – Critic reviews.

The latest season of Married at First Sight New Zealand brings together an eclectic mix of singles with unique perspectives on relationships. From the women’s humorous crab stories to the inclusion of familiar Bachelorettes, the diverse cast charms viewers. Meanwhile, some of the men grapple with identifying what they truly want in a partner.

Though matchmaking strangers leads to awkwardness, the scientific pairing process engages audiences. Amidst entertaining chaos, the show insightfully explores modern dating challenges. An upbeat soundtrack accentuates the overall fun vibe. This refreshing twist on finding love balances laugh-out-loud moments with thoughtful reflections on the intricacies of romantic connections.

Fans Reaction

Married at first sight Fans Reaction

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Married at First Sight New Zealand season 3 – FAQs

Is Married at First Sight New Zealand season 3 available to watch on Netflix?

Unfortunately no, the latest season of Married at First Sight New Zealand is not streaming on Netflix. However, you can watch it in Ireland with the help of Channel 4 by using a premium VPN.

What genres categorize Married at First Sight New Zealand season 3?

The show combines elements of reality television and romance genres as strangers navigate arranged marriages.

Is the new season of Married at First Sight New Zealand worth watching?

Yes, season 3 offers an intriguing viewing experience through its unique matchmaking format, the emotional journeys of the couples, and the compelling relationship dynamics that develop.

Wrap Up

The season three premiere of Married at First Sight New Zealand gives viewers a sneak peek into the singles’ hen and stag parties before the first couple is matched. We get to see how the participants handle these events, building anticipation for whether they can conquer the hurdles of the experiment.

For anyone in Ireland looking to watch the new season, using a VPN service like ExpressVPN is recommended to access the geo-blocked content securely.