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Best 9 Fishing Shows on Hulu in 2023 | Tested

Best fishing Shows on Hulu

Anglers all around the world can rejoice! Top streaming platforms like Hulu have thrown the nets and reeled in some amazing catches that will surely satisfy your need for fishing shows.

We have done extensive research and found some of the best fishing shows on Hulu in 2023. The handpicked list of these critically acclaimed fishing shows on Hulu will bring the thrill of marine-life adventures to your screen.

Whether you’re a seasoned fisherman or just a curious streamer, we suggest you check out each of these titles. We have thrown in some of the popular fishing shows on Prime Video as well, so, give them a shot as well.

9 Best Fishing Shows on Hulu in 2023

Are you a Fishing Show fan and eager to watch the best fishing show on Hulu? Our team has searched and successfully found the nine best Fishing shows on Hulu. So, you don’t need to go anywhere further.

Check this list of Best Fishing Shows on Hulu in 2023:

  • Lunkerville
  • Wicked Tuna
  • Chasing Monsters
  • Sport Fishing Television
  • 24-Hour Rod Race
  • The Scott Martin Challenge
  • Big Fish, Big Adventure
  • Catching the Impossible
  • Castaway Canada



  • Michael De Avila
  • Craig DeFronzo
  • Lance Sokero

Number of seasons: 15

Number of episodes: 197

Average episode length: 30 minutes

Since its launch in 2004, Lunkerville has brought the world of bass fishing into the spotlight, focusing on the experiences of everyday anglers rather than professionals. Host Michael de Avila, known as “Mike D,” travels America to uncover the diverse fishing practices of local enthusiasts. Over its run, the show has celebrated real-life stories from fishermen of varied backgrounds and has earned five Sportsman Channel Awards, marking its impact on the angling community.

Wicked Tuna


  • Dave Marciano
  • Dave Carraro
  • Tyler McLaughlin

IMDB Rating: 6.5

Justwatch Rating: 76%

Wicked Tuna showcases the high-stakes world of commercial fishermen in Gloucester, Massachusetts, as they hunt giant Atlantic bluefin tuna. These fish can weigh over 500 pounds, promising big payoffs. The anglers use handline techniques in the challenging North Atlantic. Fans of the action can also catch Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks, a spin-off set in North Carolina, bringing some of the original fleet’s thrilling experiences to new waters.

Chasing Monsters


  • Cyril Chauquet
  • Jesse Lambert Minichille
  • kipper Bivins

IMDB Rating: 7.9 out of 10

Justwatch Rating: 34%

Chasing Monsters plunges into the depths of the world’s most remote waters, where audacious anglers pursue the mightiest of fish. The series is a thrilling mix of adventure, local traditions, and the riveting chase of formidable sea creatures. Each episode captures the raw excitement of a rare catch, unveiling the mysteries beneath the waves in a quest for the ocean’s giants.

Sport Fishing Television


  • DT. Drew Townes. Host.
  • GM. Graham Morton. Host.
  • DF. Dave Ferrell. Host.

IMDB Rating: 7.8 out of 10

Islamorada in the Florida Keys is known worldwide as a top spot for sport fishing. Here, experienced and new fishing guides tell stories about this place. It’s a lively area where you can find many kinds of seafood. But sometimes the weather and sea conditions can make fishing tough, even in this fun and sunny place.

The Scott Martin Challenge


  • Scott Martin

Number of seasons: 16

Number of episodes: 134

In The Scott Martin Challenge, host Scott Martin takes on fishing pros in thrilling, location-specific competitions, blending high-stakes action with expert fishing insights. Each episode is a test of skill and strategy, celebrating both the sport’s competitive spirit and its deep respect for the natural world.

Best Fishing Shows on Prime Video

Here are some of the best fishing shows that you can watch on Prime Video:

24-Hour Rod Race


  • Matt Hayes – Self

IMDB Rating: 8.9 out of 10

Justwatch Rating: 43%

In the engaging 2020 series, renowned British angler Matt Hayes undertakes a series of fishing challenges set by writer Richard Lee, with just 24 hours to succeed. Each episode sees Matt decipher a text clue to find a secret British fishing spot and land the specified catch. The show combines the thrill of the chase with the beauty of the UK’s fishing locales, and all brought to life by Hayes’ expert angling and charismatic hosting.

Big Fish, Big Adventure


  • Captain James McVeigh

IMDB Rating: 7.4 out of 10

Justwatch Rating: 82%

Dive into the action-packed world of ‘Big Cat Reality,’ a 2020 reality series showcasing an Australian fishing charter company’s daily adventures. The show reveals the ins and outs of managing a grand charter vessel while delivering thrilling content as clients reel in colossal catches. It’s a perfect binge-watch for those passionate about deep-sea fishing and the operational drama of a seafaring enterprise.

Catching the Impossible


  • Bernard Cribbins

IMDB Rating: 8.2 out of 10

Justwatch Rating: 44%

Renowned for its excellence, this British fishing show with Bernard Cribbins’ unique narration is a must-see, offering stunning visuals and high-quality production by Hugh Miles. It takes viewers on a tour with Martin Bowler to Britain’s prime fishing spots. New anglers will finish the series with a solid grasp of identifying and catching the UK’s most popular freshwater fish.

Castaway Canada


  • Matt Hayes
  • Babs Kijewski

IMDB Rating: 8.1 out of 10

Justwatch Rating: 84%

Regarded as a gem among British fishing shows, this series, with its breathtaking vistas and exceptional underwater shots, is a visual feast that inspires viewers to fish through any weather. Narrated by the beloved Bernard Cribbins, whose voice adds a layer of charm, the 2009 production stands out for its cinematic excellence, crafted by Hugh Miles. Following Martin Bowler to the UK’s most revered fishing locales, it educates budding anglers on identifying native fish species, understanding their habits, and the art of angling.

Wrap up

We discussed all the essential details of Best Fishing Shows on Hulu while also exploring some of the recommended titles on Prime Video. So, what’s the delay? Grab your fishing ropes and TV remotes, and let’s begin this amazing streaming experience.

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