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How to Watch HBO Max Outside USA with a VPN in 2023| Steps + Guide

How to Watch HBO Max Outside USA in 2023

Are you willing to watch the latest HBO Max movies and shows while traveling abroad? Well, you might need to learn how to watch HBO Max outside USA and get unlimited access to the HBO Max USA library effortlessly anywhere in the world. Click here for easy steps to unblock HBO Max, or continue reading for more information…

HBO Max is home to one biggest entertainment platforms in USA with popular movies, TV shows, and series, such as Father Bride, Euphoria, FBOY Island, and Succession, The Batman as well as more adventure shows like Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore, Hellboy, The Incredible Hulk, and much more.

Unfortunately, this streaming service is unavailable in many countries due to geo-restrictions employed by HBO Max. Accessing it outside the specified territories can result in the following message:

“Sorry, HBO Max isn’t available in your region yet.”

How to Watch HBO Max from anywhere in 2023

Luckily, bypassing geo-restrictions is now just a matter of seconds with the help of the best VPNs for HBO Max! Follow the easy steps mentioned below to unlock and stream HBO Max outside USA with complete digital freedom!

  1. Subscribe to a VPN service. (We recommend ExpressVPN for its ultra-fast servers.)
  2. Install the app and sign in using your credentials.
  3. Connect to a server in USA.
  4. Visit the HBO Max website.
  5. Log in with your HBO Max account or Sign Up to create a new one.
  6. Watch HBO Max outside USA without any interruption.

Why Do You Need a VPN for HBO Max?

Who doesn’t love to stream the trending shows and movies on HBO Max in HD quality? Indeed, everyone! However, if you’ve tried to access your favorite content on HBO Max outside the specified regions, then you might get into trouble because HBO is region-locked.

Even though you’ve already got an HBO Max subscription, you can’t access it until and unless you use a reliable VPN service to stream it outside USA. HBO Max implies content and copyright restrictions to protect themselves from distributing their content to unauthorized providers in other countries.

This is where VPN steps right into the game! VPN is a virtual private network that masks your current IP address and reroutes it through an encrypted tunnel. You’ll need a USA server that can flawlessly unblock HBO Max. In addition, it keeps all information protected and safe on the internet.

To stream securely on HBO Max, all you need to do is log in to your account with the best VPN available that offers maximum speed and bandwidth capacity along with robust security protection.

Best VPNs that Work with HBO Max Outside USA

We’ve tested and examined over 50 VPNs available in the market right now out of which 3 VPNs give the best results due to their top-notch servers, quick connectivity, and top-notch security features.  The following are the top 3 VPNs to make HBO Max accessible outside USA.

1. ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch HBO Max Outside USA

Total Servers: 3,000+ | Countries: 94+ | American Servers: 23+ in 14+ Cities | Trustpilot Rating: 4.7 | Simultaneous Connections: 5

Express VPN was founded in 2009 and is located in the British Virgin Islands. This VPN is listed as one of the best VPNs to watch HBO Max with its 23+ servers in 14+ American cities. It treats you well in getting around content limitations on streaming platforms such as Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, and Peacock TV.

When we tested Express VPN on a New Jersey server, we received an awe-inspiring download speed of 89.97Mbps and an upload speed of 86.51Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection. This means you’ll enjoy a seamless and lag-free experience binge-watching your fav on HBO Max.

With a single ExpressVPN subscription plan, you can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously.  Moreover, the applications is compatible with a myriad of devices, including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and more. The best part of all: you can avail a 30-day money-back guarantee for all plans.

Verdict: ExpressVPN has introduced exceptional technology in the form of its Lightway protocol, ensuring uninterrupted, fast, and smooth connectivity.  Subscribe to ExpressVPN’s yearly package for $6.67 and save 49% with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

ExpressVPN HBO Max Testing: Working Servers

As of July 2022 testing, we recommend you to use the following USA servers that function exceptionally well. Recommended choices: New Jersey-3, Washington DC, New York.

  1. 5 Simultaneous Connections
  2. Verified “No-Logs” Policy
  3. 30-Day Refund Guarantee
  4. Headquartered in BVI
  5. 3,000+ Servers in 90+ Countries
  6. Split Tunneling/Network Kill Switch
  1. No Free Trial Available

2. Surfshark: Affordable VPN to Watch HBO Max Outside USA

Total Servers: 3,200+ | Countries: 90+ | American Servers: 500+ in 20+ Cities | Trustpilot Rating: 4.3 | Simultaneous Connections: Unlimited

Those on a tight budget can opt for this cost-effective VPN–Surfshark which is based in the Netherlands and launched in 2018. It is an ideal VPN to watch all the hit movies and shows on HBO Max, with its 500+ servers in 20+ American cities. Surfshark performs relatively well as compared to other VPNs for unlocking HBO Max anywhere in the world.

After testing Surfshark on the Los Angeles server, we received an amazing speed of 85.22Mbps in download and an upload speed of 83.71Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection. Simply connect to the Surfshark US server and discover a slate of exclusive shows such as Westworld, Euphoria, Last Night in Soho, and much more.

You’ll come over most VPNs that only offer 5 to 10 device connections on a single subscription. Surfshark enables its users to connect on unlimited devices simultaneously with a single subscription. On top of all, Surshark is a cost-effective VPN that costs $2.49/mo (81% Off on 2 Years Plan) along with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Verdict: Surfshark obscures your IP address with its obfuscation technology that tricks HBO Max into thinking that you’re actually browsing their content within USA. Moreover, it incorporates some amazing features such as GPS Spoofing, Multi-hop connect, and bypassing.

Surfshark HBO Max Testing: Working Servers

To make your streaming experience even more flawless and buffer-free, we recommend using the following servers—recommended choices: Los Angeles, Latham, Miami, Boston, & Detroit.

  1. Unlimited Simultaneous Logins
  2. No-Logs Policy Audited by Cure53
  3. 30-Day Moneyback Guarantee
  4. 7-Day Free Trial on iOS/Android
  5. 3,200+ Servers in 60+ Countries
  6. Headquartered in BVI
  1. No Split Tunneling on iOS

3. NordVPN: Fastest VPN to Watch HBO Max Outside USA

Total Servers: 5,400+ | Countries: 60+ | American Servers: 1,970+ in 15+ Cities | Trustpilot Rating: 4.5 | Simultaneous Connections: 6

NordVPN is a well-recognized VPN service that was established in Panama a decade ago. With 5,200+ servers in 60+ countries among which 1,970+ servers are situated in 15+ American citiesIt smoothly bypasses geo-restrictions on HBO Max by enabling you to connect with a NordVPN USA server!

We even tested the #3097server for analyzing the performance and speed test of this VPN to unblock HBO Max. To our surprise, we received blazing-fast download speeds of 89.97Mbps and 86.51Mbps upload speeds on a 100Mbps connection. NordVPN comprises a list of great features, including AES-256-bit encryption, trusted server technology, DNS leak protection, and a built-in kill switch.

You can connect up to six devices simultaneously on a single subscription, thus, sharing your VPN account with friends and family is now easy and convenient with the help of a NordVPN. Go check out the NordVPN seven-day free trial available for Android, iOS, and macOS.

Verdict: For unblocking geo-restricted content on services like HBO Max, NordVPN provides a list of servers that employ obfuscation. You can use the servers below to get the best speeds while streaming on HBO Max:

NordVPN  HBO Max Testing: Working Servers

NordVPN’s servers located in USA result in an effective unblock of HBO Max. Recommended choices: #3097, #2497, #3288, #3325.

  1. 6 Simultaneous Connections
  2. Audited by PwC Switzerland
  3. 30-Day Refund Guarantee
  4. Headquartered in Panama
  5. 5,000+ Servers in 60+ Countries
  6. Split Tunneling/Network Kill Switch
  1. Downtime issues on some servers

How to Watch HBO Max on Different Devices

Watching HBO Max on the latest devices is convenient and easy as HBO Max is compatible with a diverse range of devices, including Andriod, iOS, Apple TV, LG Smart TV, Amazon Firestick, Roku, Xbox One and Xbox series, etc.

If in case, HBO Max is incompatible with your device, you can still access it via the official HBO Max website. Meanwhile, if you have got the supported device, then follow the guidelines below to watch HBO Max outside USA.

Watch HBO Max Outside USA on Android

Proceed with the steps stated below to make HBO Max accessible on your Android device:

  1. Subscribe to a reliable VPN service. We recommend ExpressVPN!
  2. Download and configure the VPN on your preferred gadget or device.
  3. Launch the VPN application and connect to a server located in USA.
  4. Open the Google Play Store and head to your “Account” settings.
  5. Select USA and fill out the appropriate fields under “Countries and Profiles.”
  6. You will now receive a “Warning” message from the Google Play Store
  7. Tap on “Accept the change” and then wait for the transition to take place.
  8. Search for “HBO Max” on your Google Play Store and install it on your device.
  9. Sign in with your credentials and create a user profile.
  10. Enjoy streaming HBO Max on Android outside the US!

Watch HBO Max Outside USA on iOS

  1. Find the “iTunes and App Stores” option in the settings menu of your iOS device.
  2. Tap “Apple ID,” then open the menu that says “View Apple ID.”
  3. Select the “Country/Region” option and tap on “Change Country or Region”.
  4. Choose “United States” from the list of countries and fill in the information asked for.
  5. Go to the App Store and search for the HBO Max app to download it.
  6. Open ExpressVPN and connect to the US server.
  7. Launch the HBO Max app on your iOS device.
  8. Sign up if you already have an account or create a new one.
  9. After successfully logging in, you can access the complete library of HBO Max.

Watch HBO Max Outside USA on Amazon Firestick

If you have a US-based Amazon account, you can get easily get HBO Max. Otherwise, you will need to connect to a USA-based VPN server in the United States and change your location in the Amazon App Store to trick HBO Max into thinking that you’re accessing the VoD from the US!

  1. Subscribe to a VPN service like ExpressVPN.
  2. Download/Install the app on your Amazon Fire TV Stick.
  3. Connect to a VPN server in the United States.
  4. Go to “Settings” and open the “Location” menu
  5. Set your location to “United States”.
  6. Search for the “HBO Max” app on the Amazon App Store.
  7. Hit the “Download” button, and here you go!
  8. Get ready to experience the fun-filled roller coaster by streaming content on HBO Max.

Watch HBO Max Outside the US on Roku

Wondering how to watch HBO Max outside the USA on Roku? Then dive straight into the details below and get access to HBO Max right away on your Roku device:

  1. Subscribe to a reliable VPN service. We recommend ExpressVPN!
  2. Connect to a VPN server located in the United States.
  3. Get an HBO Max subscription by visiting the official HBO Max website.
  4. Switch on your Roku device.
  5. Press the “Home” button on the remote.
  6. Go to “Streaming Channels” and select “Add Channels”
  7. Search for the “HBO Max” application in the menu.
  8. Highlight Roku and click “Add Channel”.
  9. Go back to the home screen and start streaming HBO Max on Roku!

How to Create an HBO Max Account Outside the US

Creating an HBO Max account is a simple and straightforward process. This quick and easy-to-follow guide will enable you to create your HBO Max account in a hassle-free manner.

  1. Select a suitable ExpressVPN subscription package that best suits your streaming needs.
  2. Connect to a server from the list of Express VPN US servers.
  3. Visit the Max official website and press “subscribe.”
  1. Choose a plan from the list of subscription plans available and go to “Create Your Account.”
  2. Enter all the required details, including US credit card details and a USA zip code that you can easily find on the internet.
  3. Tadda! You can tune into your favorite TV shows at home or abroad with a single tap on your phone.

How Much does HBO Max Cost

Subscriptions Available With Ads  Without Ads 
Max per month $9.99/ mo $99.99/yr
Max per year $15.99/mo (save 16%) $149.99/yr (save 16%)

How to Watch HBO Max Outside USA: FAQs

When it comes to figuring out how to watch HBO Max outside the US, you may come across a few concerns. Below we provide answers to some frequently asked questions:

Will using a VPN with HBO Max will affect video quality?

When you use a top-tier VPN server like ExpressVPN, it won’t affect the streaming quality on HBO Max outside USA. Therefore, you should always opt for a premium VPN that doesn’t comprise the quality as well as the security of your online activity.

Does HBO Max Block VPNs?

Yes, sometimes HBO Max does block a VPN, if it identifies that you’re browsing the website outside the supported region. It happens because you use a VPN that leaks your IP address and HBO Max instantly blocks you from accessing their content. So, it’s recommended to use a trustworthy VPN that seamlessly masks your IP address.

Why can’t I watch HBO Max overseas?

HBO Max is region-locked, so you can only access it legally if you live in one of the supported areas. If you are located outside of USA or Latin America and attempt to access HBO Max, you will be met with the following message: “This site is not available in your location.”

Can I log into my HBO Max account in another country?

HBO Max is currently available in America (except Canada) and parts of Europe, where you unlock the whole range of HBO Max libraries by creating your account. Whereas you can log into your HBO Max account overseas by utilizing the VPN service with a US server in the country you’re currently residing in.

Final Words!

So, finally, we get to know how to watch HBO Max outside USA by bypassing geo-restrictions with the help of a VPN service. HBO Max offers unmatched streaming content and is a great platform to explore great stuff related to the entertainment industry.

I hope you find this guide interesting and informative. It was a pleasure to assist you with all the fuss regarding VPN. Feel free to drop a comment below if you have trouble unblocking HBO Max outside the USA, and a member of our will get back to you as soon as possible.