Home News Totally Killer Review: Kiernan Shipka Excels in a Fun ’80s Time-Traveling Slasher.

Totally Killer Review: Kiernan Shipka Excels in a Fun ’80s Time-Traveling Slasher.

'Totally Killer' Review: Kiernan Shipka Excels in a Fun '80s Time-Traveling Slasher.

Nahnatchka Khan is the director of a Blumhouse movie called Totally Killer. It’s a mix of horror and comedy, set in the 1980s. The story is about a teenager from today’s generation, Gen Z, who accidentally travels back in time to the 1980s. She tries to stop a serial killer before he starts his murderous spree.

This film reminds people of other movies. It’s like Back to the Future because of the time travel, and it has elements of slasher films like Halloween. It also has a sense of humor like Scream. While it uses familiar ingredients, the script adds some heart and humor to make it feel fresh. It might not become a classic, but it’s a fun movie to watch, especially during the spooky season.

The main character, Jamie, travels back in time and experiences a clash between Gen Z and Gen X. She notices the differences, like the old-school school mascot and outdated language. There are some clever moments like Jamie trying pot brownies from the ’80s and finding them weak. The film also makes fun of people’s expectations about the future, showing that it’s not like Terminator or RoboCop.

However, the movie doesn’t dive too deep into generational differences. It’s more focused on the actual horror elements. Jamie tries to change the details of the murders she knows will happen, but she can’t stop them completely. The film could have been scarier given its R rating, but it keeps the violence at a good pace, keeping viewers engaged during its 103-minute runtime.

The time-travel aspect is handled with a light and cheerful touch. Jamie’s friends work on fixing the time machine in both the present and the past, and they take it surprisingly calmly. The plot works as long as you don’t think too hard about it, especially towards the end.

One touching aspect of the movie is the growing bond between Jamie and Pam, her mother’s younger self. They start off not liking each other, but the adventure changes their relationship. Jamie becomes protective of Pam, even though she’ll later shrug off her mother’s protection. The actresses, Kiernan Shipka and Olivia Holt bring charm and vulnerability to their roles, making the friendship easy to root for.

Despite some jokes not hitting the mark and the kills not being too memorable, Totally Killer manages to feel wholesome despite its blood and teen antics. It might even make you want to call your mom and tell her you love her by the end. Source

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