Home News The Third Equalizer Film Inches Toward Box Office Triumph

The Third Equalizer Film Inches Toward Box Office Triumph

The Third Equalizer Film Inches Toward Box Office Triumph

Sony’s latest blockbuster, The Equalizer 3, is poised To achieve new bests or achievements for the series., following another lucrative weekend. As the movie enters its fourth week in theatres, it’s clear that every dollar counts in determining whether it will outpace its predecessors. This weekend, the film pulled in $4.7 million stateside, along with an additional $5.4 million from various international markets.

On the domestic front, the action-packed film is set to break the $80 million threshold by the end of Sunday. Internationally, it has raked in approximately $67 million, bringing its global earnings to a noteworthy $148 million. With the previous films. The Equalizer and The Equalizer 2 netting nearly identical sums worldwide, all eyes are on whether the third instalment will surpass the franchise’s existing records.

So far, the film has resonated most strongly in the U.K., Australia, Spain, The Netherlands, and Italy. Interestingly, The third Equalizer movie started off better than the first one, drawing in audiences over the Labor Day weekend. Despite experiencing a steep drop in its second week, the film has managed to regain some ground in subsequent weekends.

Denzel Washington’s Final Bow as Action Star

This could be the last instalment in the series that has seen Denzel Washington revive his career as an ageing action hero, much like Liam Neeson did with the Taken films. Antoine Fuqua, who has helmed each film in the Equalizer saga, directs Washington as the justice-seeking Robert McCall, a retired Marine. Washington’s sheer star appeal was enough to launch the movie without much promotional buzz.

Critical response has also been favourable, with the film earning the highest Rotten Tomatoes ratings of the trilogy. Critics, like Nate Richard from Collider, lauded Washington’s electrifying performance, calling the film a thrillingly violent finale. In the movie, you’ll also see Dakota Fanning, David Denman, Sonia Ammar, and Remo Girone in smaller roles.

Keep watching for more news to find out if The Equalizer 3 will make the most money in the series.

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