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The Making of The Batman’s Riveting Arkham Scene

The Making of The Batman's Riveting Arkham Scene

In 2022’s hit film, The Batman, the tension between Batman (played by Robert Pattinson) and his nemesis, the Riddler (Paul Dano), reaches its peak in a nerve-wracking Arkham Asylum confrontation. Director Matt Reeves recently spilt the beans on how this climactic moment was crafted. According to Reeves, the scene demanded two days of intense filming, involving a whopping 70 to 80 takes.

Dano, much like Reeves, enjoys doing multiple takes to get into the crux of his character. During the scene, the Riddler unveils his twisted admiration for Batman, expressing a warped sense of kinship. His mood, however, turns volatile when Batman dismisses their similarities. “Paul is an obsessive explorer,” Reeves noted. “He’s incredible at shifting emotions unpredictably, making every take a unique experience.”

A Growing Batman Universe

As DC heads James Gunn and Peter Safran work on expanding the DC Universe, The Batman franchise is also branching out. Paul Dano penned a comic book, Riddler: Year One, diving into the origins of his on-screen character. In addition, an upcoming TV series will shine the spotlight on Colin Farrell’s portrayal of the Penguin. A spin-off focusing on Arkham Asylum is also in the pipeline for the Max streaming service. Fans can look forward to the sequel, The Batman – Part II, slated for release in October 2025, with both Pattinson and Reeves set to return. Source

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