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Terrifier 3 Set to Release in 2024

Terrifier 3 Set to Release in 2024

The low-cost horror series surprised everyone when its second movie made $11 million from a modest $250,000 budget.

This Halloween, the scary character Art the Clown is set to make a comeback in Terrifier 3, which will be released on October 25th.

In the latest movie by filmmaker Damien Leone, the story unfolds during the festive season, with the creepy clown named Art (played by David Howard Thornton) causing havoc in Miles County as people settle in on the night before Christmas.

The Terrifier series has unexpectedly become a hit since its first movie came out in 2018. Its sequel released in 2022 did exceptionally well financially, considering its low production costs. The success of Terrifier has been a career booster for Leone, who managed to create these movies outside the traditional Hollywood system, eventually earning representation by a major agency, WME, last year.

Matching the financial success of the second movie, Terrifier 3 boasts a budget that’s now reached over a million dollars.

Leone expressed his views saying that the incredible performance of Terrifier 2 wasn’t just due to horror fans loving the new terrifying character, Art the Clown, but also because of the unique way it was released and promoted. He promised to keep challenging the usual limits with Terrifier 3 and is excited about what’s next for the character.

Terrifier 3 is arriving at a time when horror movies continue to be a solid bet for movie theaters. For instance, Blumhouse’s Five Nights at Freddy’s recently broke records for the company with a $78 million opening weekend. With October being a peak season for horror flicks, Paramount is also scheduling Smile 2 to premiere a week before Terrifier 3. Source

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