Prime Video Latin America Snags Marina de Tavira-led Drama ‘Latido’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Prime Video Latin America Snags Marina de Tavira-led Drama ‘Latido’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Prime Video Latin America has acquired the streaming rights to the much-anticipated film Latido (Heartbeat), directed by Katina Medina Mora and featuring Oscar-nominated Marina de Tavira from Roma in a leading role. This marks Medina Mora’s third full-length feature; she is also known for her work on popular shows like Emily in Paris and Apple TV+’s Swagger, as well as her debut romantic drama, LuTo, which was picked up by Netflix. The trailer for Latido premiered exclusively on Variety.

Set to make its global debut at the Mill Valley Film Festival and its Mexican premiere at the Morelia Film Festival, Latido delves into the life of 45-year-old Leonor, portrayed by De Tavira. Leonor, who is employed at an NGO dedicated to aiding young athletes, joins forces with 16-year-old ballet dancer Emilia, played by Camila Calónico, in a unique pact to share the experience of Emilia’s unexpected pregnancy. What initially seems like a practical arrangement grows into something far more meaningful.

The film provides a poignant look at issues such as teen pregnancy, infertility, and the challenges of adoption in Mexico, where bureaucratic red tape often hampers the process. It also sheds light on how the healthcare system frequently overlooks women’s unique needs.

According to Medina Mora, Latido aims to spotlight the nuances of human interaction while fostering a deeper empathy for women. The film is produced by Inna Payán’s Animal de Luz, known for several acclaimed works including La Jaula de Oro and La Libertad del Diablo.

Payán emphasized that Latido is a journey into the complexities of motherhood, told from the perspectives of two women at opposite ends of the experience. Interestingly, the film was crafted by an all-female crew, a fact that adds another layer of significance to this narrative.

In addition to Latido, Animal de Luz has two other projects lined up for the Morelia Film Festival. One is a chilling documentary by Everardo Gonzalez about children becoming involved in Mexico’s criminal underworld. The other is Todo el silencio, a drama directed by Diego del Rio, which explores the life of a sign language teacher who faces the reality of losing her own hearing.

As a producer, Payán expressed her pride in handling a narrative that speaks directly to the topical issue of women’s complex relationship with motherhood. Source

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