What's Next for the Has Fallen Series? Producer Les Weldon Spills the Beans

What’s Next for the Has Fallen Series? Producer Les Weldon Spills the Beans

Producer Les Weldon, the mind behind high-grossing franchises such as The Expendables and The Hitman’s Bodyguard, opened up about the future of the Gerard Butler-fronted Has Fallen series in a recent chat with Collider. It’s been a hiatus since 2019’s Angel Has Fallen hit the screens, completing what seemed like a trilogy. With fans curious about more adventures for Butler’s character, Mike Banning, Weldon offered some insights.

When quizzed about the upcoming instalment, Night Has Fallen, and its potential to launch a new trilogy, Weldon echoed his earlier sentiments about The Expendables, saying, If the next one performs well, everything’s on the table.

In a surprising twist, the franchise is also expanding into television with Paris Has Fallen, a series slated to star Mathieu Kassovitz as a French Minister’s top bodyguard. Gerard Butler is expected to make a cameo appearance.

Details about Night Has Fallen remain scarce, sparking questions about the project’s status. Nonetheless, Butler is confirmed to return, adding a glimmer of hope for the franchise’s avid followers.

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