Home News Mexico’s FicMonterrey Revs Up Industry Component

Mexico’s FicMonterrey Revs Up Industry Component

Mexico’s FicMonterrey Revs Up Industry Component

The 2023 Monterrey Movie Festival has big plans to connect Mexican and global cinema, led by new manager Diana Cadavid. The festival’s special section, called Nuevo León Industry, will focus on four main themes. First, it will highlight female directors from Korea, including a master class by special guest Yim Soon-rye. Second, the In Conversation With… series will feature talks from industry experts like Floria Sigismondi and Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer.

The festival will also honour Mexican-American actress Tina Romero for her contributions to movies and TV. Another part of the festival, Panoramas: Industry Encounters, aims to be a key event for entertainment professionals, including industry experts like Emerson Machtus and Adhrucia Apana.

The festival plans even more industry-focused events for next year, such as workshops and labs for works in progress. Diana Cadavid notes that Nuevo León is becoming a popular movie location, citing the comedy Love & Mathematics as an example.

The event is backed by several cultural and governmental organizations and will offer in-person and free online screenings. Source

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