Home News Netflix’s Family Switch A Hilarious Twist on Body-Swapping Comedy

Netflix’s Family Switch A Hilarious Twist on Body-Swapping Comedy

Netflix's Family Switch A Comedy Spin on Body-Swapping

In their upcoming movie, Netflix is preparing to explore the classic concept of body-swapping. Drawing inspiration from iconic movies like 13 Going On 30 and 21 Jump Street, producer Lawrence Grey discussed how these films influenced the creation of Family Switch in a recent interview.

13 Going On 30, featuring Jennifer Garner as Jenna Rink, is an evident source of inspiration for Netflix’s comedy. In this beloved film, Jenna Rink transforms from a 13-year-old into a 30-year-old overnight, leading to hilarious and heartwarming situations.

While Family Switch doesn’t involve swapping bodies with other individuals, it does revolve around the idea of a youthful mindset trapped within the confines of mature bodies.

In Family Switch, Jennifer Garner portrays a character named Jess Walker, who, alongside her husband Bill (played by Ed Helms), fears her family is drifting apart due to the relentless march of time. Their lives take a surreal turn when, following a visit to an astrological reader, the entire family unexpectedly swaps bodies.

This sets the stage for the movie’s central conflict, as navigating the challenges of adulthood while inhabiting teenage bodies becomes a daunting task.

Adding to the complexity, Jess and Bill’s children, C.C. (played by Emma Myers) and Wyatt (played by Brady Noon), are already contending with the difficulties of adolescence, including shifting friendships and the demanding school environment. The family’s body-swapping predicament only exacerbates their struggles.

Together, they must confront a series of pivotal events, including a college interview, a football tryout, a job promotion opportunity, and a potential record deal, all unfolding on the same fateful day. This eventful day will challenge their capacity to reverse the body-swapping phenomenon.

Family Switch is set to premiere on Netflix on November 30, promising an entertaining twist on the body-swapping comedy genre. Jennifer Garner leads the way in a fresh and humorous take on the classic premise. Source

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