Colombian Indie Producers Launch New Association, PI

Colombian Indie Producers Launch New Association, PI (EXCLUSIVE)

Leading Colombian producers have united to launch PI, a new association of indie film creators headed by Cristina Gallego, the talent behind Oscar-nominated movies like Embrace of the Serpent and Birds of Passage. Gallego, who is also on the jury for the 71st San Sebastian Film Festival, aims to bring attention to the evolving needs of the Colombian film industry.

Colombia has attracted major production companies thanks to its tax incentives, but Gallego argues that the country’s policies haven’t kept pace with the industry’s growth. She points out that the regulations and financial structures that were relevant 20 years ago are now outdated.

While Colombia has become an appealing destination for international film companies, including Netflix, Gallego emphasizes that there’s a disconnect between the resources available for foreign and domestic productions. She calls for a reevaluation of policies to better align with the present-day scale and needs of the Colombian film sector.

The association brings together diverse production houses like Antorcha Films, Burning, and Ciudad Lunar, among others, and aims to focus on expanding opportunities for Colombian cinema, contrasting with other local associations like Asocinde, which is more commercially oriented.

PI is making a plea for a recalibration of national policies, advocating for the film industry to be seen not just as a cultural venture, but as a significant economic sector deserving of updated support and recognition.

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