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Barbie, The Boys and Amazon’s Jessica Thurber Hemingway Honored at Silver Pixel Awards

Barbie, The Boys Silver Pixel Award

The 6th Silver Pixel Awards, a celebration of the best in digital marketing for Hollywood, took place on October 19 at Candela La Brea. This event, organized by the group Hollywood in Pixels, focuses on honoring those who create outstanding online promotional campaigns for movies and TV shows.

This year, the movie Barbie, produced by Warner Bros., received the top award for films. Scream VI by Paramount Pictures came in third. In the streaming category, The Boys Season 3 from Amazon Prime Video won the first prize, while The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 1, also on Prime Video, got third place.

Jessica Thurber Hemingway from Amazon Studios was a significant winner, recognized for her expertise in social media and influencer marketing. She’s been working for over 15 years in this field, including 11 years at Warner Bros. Her recent projects include promoting Air, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, and Swarm. Her past successes at Warner Bros. include marketing for hit movies like Wonder Woman and Pokemon Detective Pikachu.

Eric Dachman from Lionsgate was honored as a promising new talent in digital marketing. He’s been working on creating digital strategies for Lionsgate’s future movies. Before joining Lionsgate, Dachman made a name for himself at IMAX and played a key role in expanding Lionsgate’s TikTok following to over 5 million.

Jim Evans, the founder of Division 13 Design Group, received an award for his visionary contributions. His company, Division 13, has been influential in creating digital campaigns for movies, including classics like The Ring, Hellboy, and the Madagascar series.

The Silver Pixel Awards started in 2015 to celebrate those who are innovating and leading the way in digital marketing in the film industry.

The event was attended by many notable people, including Bettina Sherick, the founder of Hollywood in Pixels, and Jessica Thurber Hemingway from Amazon.

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