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How to watch Sex and the City in France on Netflix in 2023

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Sex and the City is a popular movie that revolves around four friends living in New York City, Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda, as they handle the ups and downs of love, career, and friendship. 

Each character has her own unique personality and style with humor, fashion, and a dash of romance. Sex and the City is a delightful journey that follows these four women and their never-ending friendship. 

If you want to watch Sex and the City in France on Netflix, read this blog to the end.

How to watch Sex and the City on Netflix| Easy Steps

If you can’t find Sex and the City in your Netflix library, it means Netflix is not currently streaming this movie in your region, But you can still watch Sex and the City in France on Netflix with a reliable VPN.

You just have to change your IP address to Australia, as this movie is only available to stream in a few countries.

Here are the steps on how you can watch Sex and the City in France on Netflix:

1- Get an ExpressVPN account (Receive an additional three months at no cost when you opt for a one-year subscription, along with a 30-day refund policy).

2- Install  ExpressVPN on your preferred devices, such as iOS, Android, Windows, or Mac.

3- Open the app and choose an Australia server from the list of accessible locations.

4- Open Netflix through your web browser or its dedicated app.

5- Search for Goblin Slayer on Netflix in France.

6- Relax and enjoy Goblin Slayer on Netflix.

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Sex and the City – Netflix Countries

Apart from Australia, Sex and the City is also available in the following countries:

  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • Russia

Sex and the City – Release Date

Sex and the City was released on May 27, 2008. The movie Sex and the City won awards for Best Costume Design and Best Art Direction for its stylish and beautiful visuals. 

The movie earned an IMDb rating of 5.7 out of 10. The movie also managed to collect a box office total of $418.8 million.

Sex and the City – Official Trailer

Sex and the City – Plot and Synopsis

Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha are now in their 50s. They are still close friends living in New York City and navigating relationships, careers, family, and the challenges of aging.

Carrie is still writing her column and has published a couple of books. She is dating again after her divorce from Mr. Big. She meets an attractive, older British writer who sweeps her off her feet. However, she starts to realize they want different things out of the relationship.

Miranda’s son Brady is now in college. She is adjusting to the empty nest while contemplating quitting her high-powered corporate lawyer job to pursue work more meaningful to her. She rekindles a connection with an activist she went to law school with.

Charlotte is happily married to Harry but is going through perimenopause. This makes her question if she really wants to pursue having a third child. She explores holistic remedies and contemplates adopting a dog instead of a baby.

Samantha has moved to Los Angeles and works as a publicist for high-profile celebrities. She loves the glamorous Hollywood lifestyle but struggles with aging in a youth-obsessed industry. An executive makes inappropriate advances, causing Samantha to re-evaluate.

Sex and the City – Cast and Characters

  • Cynthia Nixon as Miranda Hobbes: Nixon is recognized for playing Miranda in Sex and the City as well as her roles in films like Amadeus and Little Man Tate.
  • Kristin Davis as Charlotte York: Davis is known for portraying Charlotte in Sex and the City along with parts in projects like Couples Retreat and Holiday in the Wild.
  • Sharon Stone as Samantha Jones: Stone is an acclaimed actress known for roles in Basic Instinct, Casino, and The Quick and the Dead.
  • Kristin Davis as Charlotte York: Davis is recognized for embodying Charlotte York on Sex and the City through the TV series and features.
  • Chris Noth as Mr. Big: Noth is known for playing Carrie’s central love interest Mr. Big on Sex and the City.
  • Willie Garson as Stanford Blatch: Garson portrayed Carrie’s best male friend Stanford Blatch on Sex and the City.
  • David Eigenberg as Steve Brady: Eigenberg played Miranda’s primary love interest Steve Brady across Sex and the City.
  • John Corbett as Aidan Shaw: Corbett had a major recurring role as Aidan Shaw, one of Carrie’s love interests, on Sex and the City.

Can I watch Sex and the City in France On Netflix with a Free VPN?

Free VPN providers typically offer limited customer support, if any at all. When you encounter issues while trying to watch Sex and the City on Netflix, you may not have access to the assistance needed to resolve them promptly.

Using a free VPN to access content on Netflix from a different region may violate Netflix’s terms of service. This is because these free VPNs are easy to be detected and they employ poorly-encrypted blacklisted IP addresses.

Many free VPNs log your online activities, including the websites you visit and your IP address. They may even sell this data to advertisers or other third parties.

If you want to watch Sex and the City in France on Netflix, consider using a reliable and secure premium VPN like ExpressVPN instead of risky and unreliable free VPN alternatives.

Why is ExpressVPN the best to watch Sex and the City in France on Netflix?

One standout feature of ExpressVPN is its risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee. If you find the service unsatisfactory, they promptly refund your payment. I’ve personally tested their refund process, and it’s reliable.

ExpressVPN stands out for its exceptional speed. My tests revealed minimal speed reduction. This means you can enjoy uninterrupted streaming of Sex and the City on Netflix without worrying about problems like buffering and lagging.

ExpressVPN isn’t limited to Netflix; it seamlessly works with other popular streaming platforms like BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Disney+, Hotstar, HBO Max, Peacock, Funimation, Crunchyroll, and more. Furthermore, you can use its unique MediaStream DNS feature to access it on all sorts of devices, even the ones that don’t usually support VPNs.

In terms of security, ExpressVPN prioritizes your online safety. It employs top-tier 256-bit top-grade encryption to safeguard your data from cyber threats and eavesdroppers. Additionally, they maintain a strict no-logs policy, assuring that none of your information is stored.

Get ExpressVPN for just $6.67/month and benefit from a special deal, which offers an additional three months of service totally free with the annual plan.

How can you watch Sex and the City on Netflix and cancel your Netflix Subscription?

Sex and the City is an interesting Comedy-Drama movie, but unfortunately, the movie is available to watch only in France and some other few countries. However, you can watch it with a reliable VPN by following the above easy steps. We have tested ExpressVPN on Android devices and Apple TV and it worked perfectly.

Here is the complete guide on how you can cancel your Netflix subscription.

Sex and the City – FAQs

1- Is Sex and the City available on Netflix France?

Sex and The City is streaming in a few countries like France, if you reside outside France, you can’t watch Sex and The City. However, if you are using a reliable VPN service, you can watch Sex and The City from anywhere around the world.

Our team of experts has tested ExpressVPN to watch Sex and The City on Netflix. If you want to watch Sex and The City on Netflix, you just need to select a Swiss server from the country list and enjoy the movie on Netflix.

2- when is Sex and the City coming to Netflix

Netflix has not revealed the exact release date of Sex and the City on Netflix in the USA. But, if you have a Netflix Subscription, you can easily watch the Movie in France. All you need to do just change your region with a premium VPN such as ExpressVPN, connect to a Swiss Server, and enjoy the show.

3- Is Sex and The City available on Disney+?

Sex and The City is not streaming on Disney+ in France, But if you’re a Netflix subscriber, you just have to change your server location to France using a reliable VPN service, as this movie is currently streaming there.

We suggest ExpressVPN change your IP address to Switzerland, as it is the most trustworthy and reliable VPN to watch Sex and The City on Netflix in France.

4- Can I watch Sex and the City on Prime Video?

Sex and The City is available to stream on Prime Video in France, but if have a Netflix Subscription you can watch it on Netflix effortlessly.

We watched Sex and The City on Prime Video with the help of ExpressVPN in France by connecting a Swiss server from the country list and it worked perfectly.

5- Why is Mr. Big called Mr. Big?

Bushnell drew inspiration for Mr. Big from Ron Galotti, who previously held positions at GQ and Talk and was someone she once dated. In a 2004 interview with New York Magazine, she described him as having a larger-than-life presence that captures attention as soon as he enters a room. She coined the name “Mr. Big” to reflect his dominant stature in social settings.

Wrap up

Sex and the City is a journey of friendship, love, and fashion in New York City. It’s a fun and stylish movie that explores the lives of four unique women. However, it’s not available on Netflix globally and might require the use of a VPN to access in some countries. 

We have tested ExpressVPN to watch Sex and the City in France on Netflix, and it is highly recommended.

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