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How to watch One Punch Man on Netflix in France in 2023

One Punch Man on Netflix

One Punch Man is an exciting and popular anime series. The story revolves around Saitama a superhero who can defeat any opponent with a single punch. Despite his incredible strength, Saitama gets bored because he easily beats bad guys.

Saitama wants to find someone strong enough to fight with so he can feel excited about being a hero again, so he joins the Hero Association, where he faces various monsters and villains. One Punch Man is a must-watch anime for fans of superheroes and comedies alike.

So if you want to watch One Punch Man on Netflix in France, read this blog to the end.

How to watch One Punch Man on Netflix| Easy Step

If you’re searching for One Punch Man in your Netflix library and can’t locate it, this could mean Netflix is not currently streaming this series in your region. But don’t worry, you can still watch One Punch Man on Netflix with a reliable VPN. 

You just have to change your IP address to Hong Kong as One Punch Man is only available to stream in a few countries.

Here are the steps on how you can watch One Punch Man on Netflix in France.

1- Get an ExpressVPN account (Receive an additional three months at no cost when you opt for a one-year subscription, along with a 30-day refund policy).

2- Install ExpressVPN on your preferred devices, such as iOS, Android, Windows, or Mac.

3- Open the app and choose a Hong Kongese server from the list of accessible locations.

4- Open Netflix through your web browser or its dedicated app.

5- Search for One Punch Man on Netflix in France.

6- Relax and enjoy One Punch Man on Netflix.

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One Punch Man – Netflix Countries

Apart from Hong Kong, One Punch Man is also available to watch in the following countries:

  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • United States
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia

One Punch Man – Release Date

One Punch Man was released on October 4, 2015. One Punch Man stands as an undeniable force within the world of anime, earned widespread recognition and accolades across the globe for its unparalleled combination of action and comedic elements. The series got an IMDb rating of 8.7 out of 10 and also earned numerous awards, including the Crunchyroll Anime Awards for Best Animation in 2016 and Best Fight Scene in 2017.

One Punch Man – Official Trailer

One Punch Man – Plot and Synopsis

One Punch Man follows the adventures of Saitama, an ordinary young man who, through intense training, inadvertently lost all his hair and gained incredible power. Armed with the ability to defeat any adversary with a single punch, the seemingly invincible Saitama grows weary of the lack of challenge and decides to become a hero just for fun.

Despite his ability to dispatch foes effortlessly, Saitama receives little recognition and remains ranked low within the Hero Association, an organization that acknowledges superheroes. Alongside his determined cyborg disciple, Genos, Saitama embarks on comical and action-packed escapades, facing off against various monsters and villains.

As dire threats loom over the world, Saitama calmly dispatches each one, while Genos analyzes his mentor’s extraordinary strength. Antagonists like the malevolent ninja Speed-o’-Sound Sonic, the ruthless House of Evolution led by the King of the Underground Clan, and the enigmatic Lord Boros occasionally push Saitama to unleash slightly more of his true power in battles. 

Nonetheless, Saitama remains frustrated by his inability to find a truly challenging opponent and yearns for the excitement of a genuine fight.

With its blend of high-octane battle sequences and deadpan humor, One Punch Man cleverly parodies conventional superhero narratives by featuring a protagonist who is overwhelmingly dominant in every encounter.

One Punch Man – Cast and Characters

Makoto Furukawa as Saitama: Furukawa is a popular voice actor known for roles in My Hero Academia, Golden Kamuy, and Attack on Titan.

Kaito Ishikawa as Genos: Ishikawa has voiced lead roles in top anime like My Hero Academia, Haikyu!!, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

Kazuhiro Yamaji as Silver Fang: Yamaji has voiced characters in Ghost in the Shell, Naruto, and Fullmetal Alchemist.

Saori Hayami as Fubuki: Hayami is a popular voice actress known for major roles in Sword Art Online, My Hero Academia, and Dragon Ball Super.

Mamoru Miyano as Sweet Mask: Miyano is an acclaimed voice actor best known as Light Yagami in Death Note.

Can I watch One Punch Man On Netflix in France with a Free VPN?

Using a free VPN to watch One Punch Man is not recommended because these VPNs usually have limited server options, making it hard to access Netflix.

We have tried ExpressVPN to watch Naruto Shippuden: The Movie: The Lost Tower on Netflix and can verify its capabilities. We highly recommend premium VPN services, like ExpressVPN.

On the other hand, free VPNs may compromise your privacy by selling your personal information, making them unsafe to use.

Paid and Premium VPNs work better and can reliably unblock Netflix shows and movies from different countries. This means you won’t have any problem and watching stuff will be easier!

Why ExpressVPN is the best to watch One Punch Man on Netflix in France?

ExpressVPN is best for streaming Netflix shows and movies regardless of your geographic location. ExpressVPN is superlative for accessing global Netflix anywhere. Having a vast network of 3000+ servers in 94 countries ensures secure access.

Its standout feature lies in its remarkable high-speed performance, maintaining 89.42 MBPs on a 100Mbps connection, it also offers MediaSteamer DNS for devices without native VPN support, and you can connect up to eight devices at the same time.

ExpressVPN supports various platforms, prioritizes security with features like Network Lock and encryption, and offers a 15-month subscription for the price of 12 ($6.67 USD/month). They back it with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Our team of streaming experts has tested ExpressVPN for your convenience, to access the American Netflix Library outside France for watching several movies and shows. You can use this VPN without any hesitation.

One Punch Man – FAQs

1- Is One Punch Man available on Netflix France?

One Punch Man is streaming on Netflix but only in a few regions. If you want to watch the complete season of One Punch Man on Netflix in France, you have to change your IP address to Hong Kong, as the complete seasons of this anime series are currently streaming on Hong Kongese Netflix.

ExpressVPN is highly recommended to change your IP address to Hong Kong from the country list, our team of streaming experts has tested this VPN. It is the most reliable and premium VPN service.

2- When is One Punch Man coming to Netflix France?

Netflix has not revealed the exact release date of One Punch Man in France. However, Netflix viewers in France don’t have to wait, thanks to a reliable premium VPN service like ExpressVPN, which lets you change your IP address and Netflix region to access content.

By selecting a Hong Kongese server through ExpressVPN, you can access the Netflix Library in Hong Kong, where One Punch Man is currently available for streaming.

3- Is One Punch Man available on Disney+?

One Punch Man is not available on Disney+ in France. If you are a Netflix subscriber you can watch One Punch Man on Netflix in France. Complete seasons of One Punch Man are available on Hong Kongese Netflix, you just have to connect to a Hong Kongese server using ExpressVPN and stream One Punch Man on Netflix in France.

4- Can I watch One Punch Man on Prime Video?

One Punch Man is not available on Prime Videos in France. But, If you want to watch this anime series from France, you can simply watch it on Netflix. All you need to do is switch your IP address to Hong Kong with the help of ExpressVPN. This simple step will grant you access to One Punch Man’s full content.

5- What is One Punch Man about?

One Punch Man is a story about Saitama, a hero who can defeat any foe with a single punch, leading to his boredom with battles. He seeks a worthy adversary while facing comical challenges in a world filled with superheroes and monsters. The series blends action and humor as Saitama strives to find meaning in his overwhelming strength.

Wrap up

One Punch Man is a non-stop action, hilarious humor, and a unique superhero twist that’s sure to keep you entertained. With its unbeatable hero Saitama and his quest for a worthy opponent, this anime packs a punch of excitement that’s worth experiencing. 

We have already tried ExpressVPN to watch One Punch Man on Netflix in France and we recommend it to all our readers.

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