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How to watch Tokyo Ghoul From Outside Spain on Netflix in 2023

Tokyo ghoul on Netflix

Tokyo Ghoul is an epic anime series taking place in the mysterious and dark city of Tokyo. This tale unfolds around the character Kaneki, an ordinary individual whose life takes an unexpected turn when he transforms into a half-ghoul after an accidental encounter with one of these flesh-eating creatures. 

If you like watching horror and supernatural anime series like Tokyo Ghoul from Outside Spain on Netflix, you’re in the right spot. Read this blog to find out how to have a great time watching Tokyo Ghoul from Outside Spain on Netflix.

How to watch Tokyo Ghoul on Netflix | Easy Steps

Tokyo Ghoul is not available globally to watch from Outside Spain on Netflix, if you cannot find Tokyo Ghoul in your Netflix library it might be possible that Netflix isn’t streaming this show in your region. But don’t worry you can still watch Tokyo Ghoul on Netflix.

But you need a reliable VPN to change your IP address to Hong Kong as this anime is only available to stream from Outside Spain on Netflix in a few regions, including Hong Kong. Follow the steps below to watch Tokyo Ghoul on Netflix:

1- Get an ExpressVPN subscription (You’ll receive an additional three months free with a 12-month subscription, along with a 30-day money-back guarantee).

2- Install ExpressVPN on your preferred devices (such as iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and more).

3- Launch the ExpressVPN application and connect to Hong Kongese server from the list of available countries.

4- Access Netflix either through your web browser or the app.

5- Search for Tokyo Ghoul from outside Spain on Netflix.

6- Now, you can watch Tokyo Ghoul on Netflix.

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Tokyo Ghoul – Netflix Countries

Our team of streaming experts has conducted research on various Netflix libraries and found that Tokyo Ghoul is streaming from Outside Spain on Netflix, but only in the following regions:

  • France
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom
  • South Korea
  • Switzerland

Tokyo Ghoul – Release Date

Tokyo Ghoul came out on July 3, 2014. It has four seasons, which together make 48 episodes. This anime received impressive ratings, with an 8/10 rating on IMDb and 85% score on Rotten Tomatoes. People liked it because it mixed supernatural drama and questions about what’s right and wrong. Tokyo Ghoul even won an Anime Trending Award for Opening Theme Song of The Year.

Tokyo Ghoul – Trailer

Tokyo Ghoul – Plot

Tokyo Ghoul follows Ken Kaneki, an ordinary college student who undergoes a horrific transformation after being fatally injured on a date. After receiving an organ transplant from a ghoul, a monstrous humanoid who hunts and eats human flesh, Kaneki becomes a rare ghoul-human hybrid.

Forced to adapt to life as a half-ghoul, Kaneki reluctantly joins other ghouls while attempting to hold on to his humanity. He soon becomes entangled in the secretive politics and conflicts raging between ghoul factions vying for power and control over their sole food source – humans.

As Kaneki experiences persecution from both ghouls and human society, his empathy is tested by his horrifying urges. To protect those he cares for, he joins an elite group of ghouls operating covertly to undermine zealots on both sides of the brewing war. Straddling two worlds, Kaneki fights to maintain his identity and forge understanding between races whose survival depends on embracing compassion over fear.

Tokyo Ghoul – Cast and Characters

  • Natsuki Hanae as Ken Kaneki: Hanae has voiced characters in prominent anime including Tokyo Ghoul, Demon Slayer, and Run with the Wind.
  • Sora Amamiya as Touka Kirishima: Amamiya is recognized for voicing characters in One Piece, Akame ga Kill!, and Granblue Fantasy.
  • Shintarō Asanuma as Nishio Nishiki: Asanuma is known for voicing roles in Naruto, Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad, and Assassination Classroom.
  • Sumire Morohoshi as Hinami Fueguchi: Morohoshi has voiced characters in anime like My Hero Academia, Black Clover, and Fire Force.
  • Takahiro Sakurai as Uta: Sakurai is a prolific voice actor known for roles in anime like Bleach, Naruto, and Code Geass.

Can I watch Tokyo Ghoul With a Free VPN From Outside Spain On Netflix?

We do not recommend using free VPNs to watch Tokyo Ghoul from Outside Spain on Netflix. Free VPNs may indulge in data logging, endangering your privacy by sharing it with third parties without you knowing. They lack transparency and even track your activities for advertising purposes even though it defeats the whole point of using the VPN. 

Using a free VPN will not only trouble you with privacy concerns but also cost you from watching Tokyo Ghoul from Outside Spain on Netflix. Netflix is a platform that can detect the use of a proxy or VPN that doesn’t have a firm encryption. If this happens, it can trigger a proxy error and you can get blocked from watching your favorite movies and shows.

Possessing a premium VPN such as ExpressVPN offers outstanding encryption as well as a no-logs policy. Additionally, it provides you with a high-speed server unlike the free VPNs and allows you to stream your movies or shows uninterrupted. To watch a show like Tokyo Ghoul on Netflix, it is preferable that you use a premium VPN like ExpressVPN.

Why Is ExpressVPN Best To Stream Tokyo Ghoul from Outside Spain On Netflix?

ExpressVPN is a top choice for streaming Tokyo Ghoul and a variety of Netflix content globally. Its vast network spans over 3000 servers in 94 countries, ensuring reliable and secure access to your favorite shows. With impressive download speeds of up to 89.42 Mbps and support for up to five devices simultaneously, 

ExpressVPN makes streaming a breeze. It even offers MediaStreamer DNS for devices that don’t typically work with VPNs. Security is a priority with features like an Internet Kill Switch and robust 256-bit encryption to protect your online activities.

Anime fans looking to watch Tokyo Ghoul in Outside Spain on Netflix, can find a solution in the form of ExpressVPN. By masking your virtual location and obtaining IP addresses from regions where your desired content is available on Netflix, you can enjoy seamless streaming.

Compatible with various operating systems, including Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux, ExpressVPN can be used on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and gaming consoles

New users can benefit from ExpressVPN’s special offer, which includes a 12-month plan with an additional three months for free, 24/7 customer support, and a 30-day money-back guarantee, all at a discounted rate of $6.67 per month.

How to watch Tokyo Ghoul on Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick in 2023?

The horror, action anime series Tokyo Ghoul is not Accessible to watch from Outside Spain. However, you can watch this show with a reliable VPN service by following the above-mentioned easy guide. Our team of experts has tested Express VPN on Amazon Firestick and Amazon Fire TV, and it worked perfectly.

Here a short Steps on how you cancel the Netflix subscription on Amazon Fire TV & Firestick.

Tokyo Ghoul – FAQS

1- Is Tokyo Ghoul available on Netflix in Spain?

Tokyo Ghoul is available to watch on Netflix in Spain. But, if you live outside Spain you can’t able to watch the show on Netflix. However, if you have a trustworthy VPN such as ExpressVPN, you can watch it easily. ExpressVPN makes it seem like you are watching from Spain.

We tried ExpressVPN to watch Tokyo Ghoul in Spain on Netflix, and it worked great without any interruption.

2- When is Tokyo Ghoul coming to Netflix in Spain?

Tokyo Ghoul is currently streaming on Netflix in Spain, For those in outside Spain, there’s a solution. Using a trustworthy VPN like ExpressVPN, you can switch your viewing location to watch Tokyo Ghoul in Spain on Netflix. It allows you to change your IP address and Netflix region to access Tokyo Ghoul on Netflix.

By using ExpressVPN and selecting an Italian server from the country list, you can watch Tokyo Ghoul, which is currently available in Italy.

3- Is Tokyo Ghoul available on Disney+?

Tokyo Ghoul is not available to watch in Spain , if you live in Spain, you can’t watch the show on Disney+.

We recommend you ExpressVPN, where you can change your IP address and connect it to the Singaporean server in the country list and enjoy the show on Netflix.

4- Can I watch Tokyo Ghoul on Prime Video?

Tokyo Ghoul is only available to stream in Italy. But, if you want to watch Tokyo Ghoul in  Spain, we recommend you a premium VPN ( ExpressVPN), you can watch Tokyo Ghoul with the help of this reliable VPN service on Netflix by connecting to a Singaporean Server because you can find the complete show only on Netflix.

5- Should a 13-year-old watch Tokyo Ghoul?

At 13, it’s not too young. I read the whole manga when I was 13. Even though it has some violent parts, it should be okay for early teens. By this age, most understand that the story is fiction and not real life.

Wrap up

Tokyo Ghoul, an intense anime, explores a world infested with ghouls who feast on humans. Kaneki, becomes a half-ghoul, leading a gripping dual life. This series is full of emotions, action, and suspense, with its themes about true monsters. Give it a shot you won’t be disappointed.

It might not be available in Outside Spain on Netflix in your region, but you can access it with a VPN service. We have already tried ExpressVPN to watch Tokyo Ghoul on Netflix and we recommend it to all our readers.