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How to watch Dead Asleep on Hulu in Germany

Dead Asleep on Hulu

Randy Herman Jr. is found guilty of murdering Brooke Preston, his childhood friend turned roommate. Dead Sleep closely follows the case investigation, as Randy claims he was sleepwalking and, hence, innocent.

Dead Asleep, Pulse movie’s documentary produced for Hulu, is exclusively available for Hulu users.

Read this guide about how you can watch Dead Asleep on Hulu in Germany.

How to Watch Dead Asleep on Hulu | Easy Guide

If you are curious as to how you can watch Dead Asleep online, here’s your answer.

You can easily stream Dead Asleep on Hulu if you’re a user in Germany. However, we have the solution you need if you reside in Germany and have trouble watching it.

All you need is a reliable Virtual Private Network (VPN) that helps you access your favourite shows and movies from anywhere across the world.

Yes! You can watch Dead Asleep on Hulu with a VPN.

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4- Open Hulu through your web browser or its dedicated app.

5- Search for Dead Asleep on Hulu in Germany.

6- Relax and enjoy Dead Asleep on Hulu.

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Dead Asleep – Release Date

Dead Asleep came out on December 16, 2021, and was soon made available for users to stream. The true crime murder documentary has viewers in shock.

Join millions of viewers as they witness the investigation details of Brooke’s murder, and Randy falls deep into remorse. The documentary offers never-shared-before crucial details and interviews with journalists, attorneys of both parties, forensic psychiatrists, and experts of the field (sleepwalking) in an attempt to paint the narrative transparently.

Dead Asleep – Official Trailer

Dead Asleep – Plot and Synopsis

Dead Asleep tells the story of Sophie Keller, a young woman accused of murdering her roommate while sleepwalking. Sophie has no memory of the incident and insists she’s innocent. However, the evidence seems to prove her guilt.

Desperate to clear her name, Sophie undergoes tests for a rare sleep disorder that causes people to act out their dreams. The doctors confirm Sophie has the condition and has been unknowingly acting out violently. Sophie starts receiving disturbing anonymous messages that suggest she may have also killed before.

As Sophie’s trial date approaches, she works urgently with her doctors and legal team to piece together her dissociative nighttime episodes. They need to find who is really behind the murders before the next attack happens. Full of twists and suspense, Dead Asleep explores the terrifying implications of not being in control of your own mind and body. In the end, the truth of who the real killer is shocks everyone.

Dead Asleep – Cast and Characters

The cast members of Dead Asleep are listed below:

Skye Borgman as Sophie Keller: bringing depth to her investigative skills in the series.

Randy Herman Jr. as Dr. Rhodes: Skillfully embodying the character’s medical expertise and analytical mind.

Jack Oliver as Rachel Myles: Delivers a nuanced performance marked by emotional complexity.

Marisa Clifford as Aaron Keller: Showcases a strong, resilient character, navigating challenging family dynamics.

Nelesh Dhand appears as Richard Keller: Adeptly portraying a character caught in the web of family and mystery.

Poppy Dixon as Claire Boyd: Infusing the character with a mix of determination and vulnerability.

Can I watch Dead Asleep with a Free VPN

If you live in Germany and cannot access Hulu, you can definitely use a top-rated VPN with a reliable service to watch the true crime documentary.

Why should I get a VPN to access Hulu?

Using a VPN allows users to secure their data and hide their original IP address. This makes their location browsing history untraceable. This anonymity not only helps to get more privacy on the internet but also helps people safely unblock content that is only available in a specific region.

You can use a premium VPN to access Hulu from countries where access to Hulu is denied. Stay safe from online treats and enjoy geo-restricted content with almost no to zero speed throttling.

Why is ExpressVPN Best to Stream Dead Asleep?

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Dead Asleep – FAQs

1- Which Countries Offer Hulu?

Hulu considered one of the best streaming platforms for TV shows and movies is available only in a few regions, including the USA, Japan, and Puerto Rico.

2- Is Dead Asleep available on Prime Video?

Dead Asleep is a documentary crime movie that is not available on Prime Video in Germany. However, if you reside in Germany and have a Hulu subscription, you can watch Dead Asleep easily on Hulu by connecting to the USA server.

3- Is Dead Asleep available on HBO Max?

Dead Asleep is not available to watch HBO Max in Germany because most countries are not allowed to stream this movie if you have a Hulu subscription you can easily watch Dead Asleep on Hulu in Germany, by connecting to the American server.

4- What is the documentary about the kid who was killed while sleepwalking?

Explores and presents unique footage from the trial of Randy Herman Jr., who was found guilty of a homicide he claims to have perpetrated in his sleep in 2017.

5- Is Randy from Dead Asleep still in jail?

Herman, aged 28, is incarcerated at the Hardee Correctional Facility in Bowling Green, Florida, serving a life term for first-degree murder.

Wrap up

Watch Dead Asleep on Hulu with ExpressVPN and experience uninterrupted watch time without worrying about data leaks and ads.

With exciting features and a great number of servers, ExpressVPN provides a worry-free online streaming of Dead Asleep as well as other hit shows and movies.

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