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How to watch Bullet Train on Netflix in Germany in 2023

Bullet Train on Netflix

Bullet Train, directed by David Leitch, is an action-comedy that follows a motley crew of deadly assassins, each with their own agenda, all unknowingly sharing the same high-speed train.

With bullets flying, secrets unraveling, and a ticking clock, Bullet Train is a non-stop, journey that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. 

Get ready for a wild ride where every passenger is a target, and survival is a one-way ticket. Read this blog to watch Bullet Train in Germany on Netflix.

How to watch Bullet Train on Netflix| Easy Steps

If you are unable to find Bullet Train in your Netflix library, it might be possible that Netflix doesn’t have the right to stream this movie in your region. Don’t worry you can still watch Bullet Train in Germany on Netflix. How? Well, to find the answer you’ll need to follow the steps below:

1- Get an ExpressVPN account (Receive an additional three months at no cost when you opt for a one-year subscription, along with a 30-day refund policy).

2- Install ExpressVPN on your preferred devices, such as iOS, Android, Windows, or Mac.

3- Open the app and choose an American server from the list of accessible locations.

4- Open Netflix through your web browser or its dedicated app.

5- Search for Bullet Train on Netflix in Germany.

6- Relax and enjoy Bullet Train on Netflix.

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Bullet Train – Netflix Countries

Apart from the United States, Bullet Train is also available to stream in the following countries:

  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • South Korea 
  • Thailand 
  • Singapore
  • South Africa

Bullet Train – Release Date

Bullet Train was released on December 3, 2022. Reviews for this movie were strong with a Rotten Tomatoes score of 71% and an IMDb rating of 7.2/10. The movie was also nominated for Best Movie of 2022, Breakthrough Performance at MTV Movie, and 11 more nominees. Bullet Train also managed to collect a box office total of $239.3 million. 

Bullet Train – Official Trailer

Bullet Train – Plot and Synopsis

Based on the Japanese novel Maria Beetle by Kotaro Isaka, Bullet Train takes place almost entirely on a high-speed train traveling through modern-day Japan. Pitt plays Ladybug, an unlucky assassin who boards the train apparently to retrieve a suitcase for his handler.

But he soon discovers a bevy of dangerous competing assassins and thieves with conflicting objectives also on this lethal locomotive.

Action and mayhem ensue as their assignments collide, including lethal adversaries like Henry’s twisted Tangerine and Bad Bunny’s bloodthirsty Wolf. Ladybug utilizes his lethal skills to survive the non-stop attacks aboard the speeding train while pursuing his own ambiguous mission dictated by his handler. 

With its simple confined setting, Bullet Train promises a creatively choreographed and darkly humorous thrill ride packed with stylized violence.

Bullet Train – Cast and Characters

Brad Pitt as Ladybug: Pitt is best known for his roles in Fight Club and Inglourious Basterds.

Joey King as Prince: King has appeared in films like The Kissing Booth and The Conjuring.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Tangerine: Taylor-Johnson is recognized for his work in Kick-Ass and Nocturnal Animals.

Brian Tyree Henry as Lemon: Henry is known for his roles in the TV series Atlanta and the film If Beale Street Could Talk.

Andrew Koji as Kimura: Koji has been seen in the TV series Warrior and the film Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins.

Hiroyuki Sanada as The Elder: Sanada is best known for his performances in The Last Samurai and Ringu.

Michael Shannon as White Death: Shannon has starred in Nocturnal Animals and Take Shelter.

Can I watch Bullet Train on Netflix in Germany With a Free VPN?

It’s important to prioritize your online security while watching Bullet Train on Netflix in Germany which is why we don’t recommend using free VPNs.This is because these unreliable free VPNs often lack essential features such as kill switches and firm encryption, leaving your internet connection vulnerable to data leaks and tracking.

They also get easily detected by premium platforms like Netflix, which can result in a proxy error and restrict your access to content like Bullet Train on Netflix in Germany.

Investing in premium VPN services, like ExpressVPN is highly recommended by us because we conducted personal tests using ExpressVPN to watch Ocean’s 8 on Netflix and affirmed its outstanding performance and capabilities.

On the flip side, premium VPN providers like ExpressVPN offer top-tier encryption, strictly follow a no-logs policy and provide high-speed servers designed to deliver seamless streaming experiences when used to watch movies like Bullet Train on Netflix in Germany.

Premium VPNs work better and can reliably unblock Netflix shows and movies from different countries. This means you won’t have interruptions, and watching stuff will be easier!

Why Is ExpressVPN Best to Watch Bullet Train on Netflix in Germany?

ExpressVPN stands out as an exceptional choice for streaming Bullet Train and a wide range of Netflix content on a global scale. Its extensive network offers over 3,000 servers across 94 countries, ensuring secure and unrestricted access. 

With an impressive high-speed performance clocking in at 89.42 Mbps, ExpressVPN allows for seamless streaming on up to five devices simultaneously. Additionally, it offers MediaStreamer DNS for devices that may not be directly supported, such as internet routers and gaming consoles like PS4 and Xbox One.

Security is a top priority for ExpressVPN, providing a suite of features including an Internet Kill Switch, Private DNS, TrustedServer technology, and robust 256-bit encryption. 

You can take advantage of a special offer, where a 15-month subscription is available for the price of 12 months(3 months free), costing just $6.67 per month. This subscription also comes with the peace of mind of a 30-day money-back guarantee. And did we mention ExpressVPN’s 24/7 customer support? They are available to assist you with anything at any time.

we have tested ExpressVPN to access the American Netflix Library in Germany and we accomplished and found several movies and shows without any problem.

Bullet Train – FAQs

1- Is Bullet Train available on Netflix Germany?

An action Comedy movie Bullet Train is available for streaming on Netflix in a few regions only. However, if you want to watch Bullet Train on Netflix from Germany you need a reliable VPN service that helps to change your IP address to the USA and then you can watch Bullet Train on Netflix from Germany.

ExpressVPN is highly recommended to change your IP address to the USA and enjoy this comedy action movie from Germany.

2- When is Bullet Train coming to Netflix Germany?

There isn’t any official announcement by Netflix on the release date of Bullet Train in Germany. Nevertheless, if you’re a resident of Germany and want to watch Bullet Train on Netflix from Germany, use a reliable VPN, like ExpressVPN. It allows you to change your IP address and give you access to the content.

When you use ExpressVPN to connect to a server in the USA, you can watch the movie Bullet Train on Netflix. This movie is currently available for streaming in the USA.

3- Is Bullet Train available on Disney+?

Bullet Train is not available on Disney+. However, if you have a Netflix subscription, you can watch Bullet Train on Netflix in Germany, using ExpressVPN by changing your IP address to the USA where this movie is currently streaming.

4- Can I watch Bullet Train on Prime Video?

Bullet Train is not available on Prime Videos in Germany. But you can watch this movie on Netflix by connecting to the USA server using ExpressVPN and simply stream Bullet Train on Netflix in Germany.

5- Is Bullet Train Based on a true story?

The movie Bullet Train is adapted from a book called Maria Beetle written by Japanese author Kotaro Isaka. This book, published in 2010, is a funny tale about five very skilled killers who all need to eliminate the same person while on a high-speed train journey from Tokyo to Morioka in Iwate Prefecture.

Wrap up

Bullet Train delivers an electrifying cinematic experience that leaves audiences craving for more. With its wicked humor, breakneck action, and relentless excitement, this movie became a must-watch blockbuster. 

We have already tried ExpressVPN to watch Bullet Train on Netflix in Germany and we recommend it to all movie enthusiasts.

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